Microsoft Lumia 640 XL USB Driver Download For Windows

Hi friends, today we are going to discuss Microsoft Lumia 640 XL PC Suite with USB Driver.if you have using a Lumia 640 Mobile phone and you went to transfer your mobile data like as images, songs, videos, etc, on PC or PC To Lumia 640 Mobile phone, then here we managed the this awesome PC Suite and USB Driver for your Lumia 640 Xl Mobile Phone, and here you can download PC Suite with USB Driver absolutely free.

Contact Transfer

Almost you can transfer your contacts from PC to phone or phone to PC. You are able to connect Microsoft Lumia 640 to a desktop computer or a laptop device right away. We are willing to make connections among both devices.


In the meanwhile, you are now connecting your Microsoft Lumia 640 phone to a computer machine. To do several tasks on your requirement based. Once the USB driver is installed on your Windows then you are ready to go with. Install the USB driver, if you wish to manage your phone directly from PC. A USB driver is basically solving your connectivity issues.

Microsoft Lumia 640 XL USB Driver

How to Connect Your Android Mobile To PC?

  • First of all download Driver.
  • Go to the notification area on your Window’s taskbar > Click on all settings option there.
  • Now just click on the System where you can find Display, Sounds, Notifications and power options.
  • Now just go to the Projecting to this PC option by scrolling down from System menu.
  • Now that’s all, the above things you should have to do on your Windows Computer. Underneath are the steps which you have to do on your Mobile phone so you will get connected to both devices.
  • From your drop-down menu tap on the Smart view option. 
  • Your Mobile phone automatically detects at the moment right away. And detect your PC / Laptop within a while. So just tap on it and it will make you connect both devices.
  • I-e Connect your Android Mobile phone to a PC laptop.
  • Now click on OK.
  • Now you are done to enjoy it.

Download Information:

If you went to download Microsoft Lumia 640 XL USB Driver.then just click on a given official download link. after completed your downloading process then you can easily install this awesome USB Driver without any difficulties.

USB Driver Information:

Name:                        Xl USB Driver
File Size:                   6.75 MB     
Cost:                          Free

Support Windows: Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1 Windows Vista and Windows 10 with 64 bits & 34 bits.

Now you can download Microsoft Lumia 640 XL USB thanks for visiting our site.

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