KoPlayer v2.0.0 Download (Latest Version) For Windows



Do you want to play your favorite Android or tablet games on your PC? Yes, that would not be a difficult task with a Koplayer emulator. The emulator is a powerful Android emulator which lets you emulates all kind of apps and videos games on your PC directly from the mobile phone and tablets. You can have your favorite Android games on your Windows 7/8/10 OS, and enjoy the limitless freedom of having your desired games under your hands. 

Koplayer About:


Koplayeris a unique application and the best feature of it is its configuration. The emulator is a breeze to configure; actually, you do not have to configure anything. When the installation is done, you just open your computer, have your desired apps installed and have fun. Everything will be read, you will start downloading and installing apps, browse the internet from the emulator without any hiccup. 
The application comes with a pre-installed Google Play Store. You do not have to separately install the store, just have it and search your liked apps and games.  You can drag any application, or game, or software directly from the computer as well. 
I have been using many emulators for Androids and some of them were really cool. But, I checked that in all emulators, the one common problem was control configurations. They take lots of time in getting the right configuration controls and it is really a big issue in playing the latest video games. The said emulator comes with easy and intuitively configured controls. In a matter of seconds, you get the configuration right such as Keyboard, mouse, and even gamepad. You can have your favorite games such as Angry Birds, Clash of Clans or anything without any trouble. 
Another amazing feature of the emulator is capturing images and videos while playing your game. You do not have to resume the game or change the resolutions to get a screenshot, in a simple way. 
You can change the virtual screen and keyboard to bigger or smaller in a matter of seconds. 
So, download this Cool Koplayer for Windows 7/8/10 32/64 from the given download link.

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