FFSENSITY APK v1.9 Free (Latest Version) Download For Android


As you know, games are on trending in this world, and we have a tool for you, which is ffsensity apk. If you are a professional gamer and your game is lagging badly and is not smooth, this gaming tool is for you. You can also face these issues if your internet is not working well, but if you face them all the time, then go for ffsensity apk. go to at the end of this page and download and install it, enable options according to your requirement, and then enjoy it.

How to download it?

You can find it on here page, go there, tap on download and install ffsensity apk for playing tension-free games. But this is not available for iPhone. 

How does it work?

After installing it on your android mobile, start this app. You will see two headings naming configure mobile settings, and configure free fire.

1.   Configure mobile settings

When you tap on it to enable it, two subheadings will come:

1.The first one controls pointer velocity– you can set it by using the option given below.

2.And the second one is a bug reducer – you can enable or disable it according to your need.

2.   Configure free fire

After tapping on it, you will enable it, and this will give you some more options that are then used to customize you in-game settings.

1.General sensitivity

2.Sensitivity of views


There are many benefits for all gamers, especially for those who are facing some problems while gaming. All of these benefits are explained below:

Reduces lagging

If your game is lagging, you will not be able to kill your enemy, even most of the time you are killed by them. ffsensity apk helps in reducing lagging. When lagging is reduced in your game, like in the free fire, you will not just kill someone quickly, and you will also score well and win the match.

Free to download

Like some other applications, ffsensity apk does not cost a single penny for its use, and it is free for all of its users.


Do not worry about its size, and it is 4.77 MB only; everyone can easily install it on their Android phones. It will not affect the space that much like other apps do in your android mobile space.

Safe to use

It is safe to use, and there is no threat of your device getting hacked by using ffsensity apk in your android mobile. So, this app is perfect for playing games like free fire on your android mobile.


While using this app, if you face any issues, you can inform us, and we will work on that issue and resolve it. You can see the fixed point in the upcoming update.


If your game is not smooth, lagging too much, this ffsenity apk is for you and those who are pro in gaming. Download it and control lagging and smoothness in your online game, and enjoy playing it.

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Download FFSensity APK V1.9

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