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We all love watching movies and there are thousands of movies available on the web that do not know which is the perfect one for you. therefore, we brought Pikashow for you, it is the best apps that you can use to stream various content on your pc as well as smartphones. Everyone one of us loves watching movies in our free time but most of the apps are paid and full of advertisements. Pkiashow is the best app that is free you can watch your favorite movie shows without paying a penny. this is an android application that you can use to watch web series, TV shows, live sports, and much more.

What is pikashow?

The pikashow APK has the best interface and it is easy to use, it is free of cost nothing will be charged from users. The main focus of this app is to provide the best entertainment. You cannot get any advertisements or notifications while watching movies. This app is totally safe to use, there is nothing to worry about. You will be entertained by using this app and watching your favorite movie. If you want to watch live matches you can also watch your favorite web series and much more.

Feature of Pikashow:

Variety of channels

This will give a variety of channels to its users. You can search everything in this app not only movies much more. You can watch any channel you want to watch.

Movie playlist

You can make your own playlist of your favorite movies, if you do not have time to search movies search once and save them in your playlist.

Live streaming             

This is the best app for streaming your favorite TV shows. It has very great streaming live content. If your internet connection is good, the application does not find a way to have the highest possible stream efficiency. It has a quality stream you can run every stream in HD if your internet connection is good.

Best interface

The ap has the best interface and it is user-friendly and easy to use. It is free of cost.

Categories of channels

All the channels are available in this app, it has a variety of channels that you can choose from.

How to use Pikashow APK?

Install the on your android device, go-to to this page, and download the app. And you can start watching your favorite shows, if it does not work you can go to the website and reinstall it then it works properly.

Additional Information:

File Size14 MB
File TypeAPK File Format


The pikashow is an excellent app for watching movies, Live IPL, and also you can watch your favorite TV shows, live stream movies. If you have a good internet connection, and you want to watch your favorite movie then download this app. It may bring a huge benefit that non another site can provide you. it has all the features we mentioned above in review. If you are in search of the best app then your search ends here, do not go here and there because this is the best app of all.

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