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Samsung FRP Helper

In case, you are facing the same with a Samsung mobile phone, we got an amazing application with the name, Samsung FRP Helper V0.2. The application renders incredible services in nailing down the issue without getting charged a single penny. 
Today we are updated Samsung FRP helper V0.2 for our site users. No doubt, our mobile phones contain highly confidential and private information about us. If the information is lost or gets in the hands of someone you do not know, he/she may get the wrong use of it. Google knows your feelings more than you, thus launched a new security feature with the name FRP lock in the Android Lollipop version. Unfortunately, the feature adds trouble even for genuine owners. They forget the Gmail ID and password, hence never find a way to get their phone reset.
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Let’s see how the application carries out its job in making you get a normal phone, you could reset without any issue. 

How to use the Samsung FRP Helper tool?

Keep in mind, that tool is not an official application released by Samsung officials. The application is a third-party app and helps you remove FRP lock without any hiccup. 

How to use Samsung FRP Helper Tool

  • Download the Samsung FRP Helper tool from the provided download link. 
  • Install it on a Windows computer. 
  • Switch off your mobile phone before connecting it to the computer using a USB cable. 
  • Now, launch the application 
  • With switched off, connect it with a computer where you have installed the software. 
  • The application will automatically launch a wizard. That wizard will need instruction to reach the next step. The information will be relevant to the mobile phone, and it installs some apps as well. 
  • With you completing the wizard, the lock will be removed. 
  • You will see a message that the FRP lock has been removed. Now, you are completely free to reset your mobile phone via a factory data reset. 
The application has other usages as well. You can have it on board for revoking the same mobile phone; the procedure will be the same. I do not think anyone would like to FRP lock the mobile phone again.
Download⤢  Samsung FRP tool V0.2
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