SP MDT Tool v3.1966.00 Download (Latest Version) For Windows

 SP MDT Tool Review:

SP MDT Tool is a flash tool. You can build firmware brick – a phone that won’t turn on or hangs on the splash screen – with the Flash Tool software. Another advantage of Flash Tool is that it does not require installation on your mobile phone. For instance, if you cannot access the recovery menu when you first turn on your Smartphone, Flash Tool will help you resolve this problem.


The flash tool erases the mobile’s accurate data. You must back up the data. Make a good copy of your important files, documents, software, images, and videos. The most recent modified flash tool was exactly 34.3 MBs in size, and an internet connection is only needed to download SP MDT and scatter-based stock/custom firmware. Some alternative apps for SP MDT Tool are Odin, SP Flash Tool, Emma Flash Tool, Miracle Box, and Mtk Droid Tools. Five more options were available on this page. The following files have been added: Open Download Agent File, Scatter and Load Settings, Open Authentication File, Open Certification File, and Open Memory Verification List Excel File. In the options menu, there are four more facilities to choose from the menu. The section can handle Base Band Chip, External Clock, DA Checksum, and Settings. It’s crucial to enable/disable features or adjust the system clock speed’s value.

 How does it work?

The SP MDT file options allow you to check and verify system compatibility. It launches an Excel file with additional information about the database of compatible devices. It includes the debugging log. The location now has six key settings to activate or deactivate and the “Clear All Logs” function. The debug logging option enables you to enable BROM DLL Login, META DLL Login, EBOOT DLL Login, and clear them all. Additional benefits include the ability to clear each option individually or all at once. In the options menu, there are four more facilities. The section can handle Base Band Chip, External Clock, DA Checksum, and Settings. It’s crucial to enable/disable features or adjust the system clock speed’s value. The Help tab primarily focuses on getting help with the flash tool and configuring computers. The most frequently used commands in the section are Open Device Manager, Open Log Folder, Generate ErrReportZip, and About (to find legal details about the tool).

Features of This Tool:

  • The SP MDT Tool is a lightweight official program.
  • The app’s interface is primary, but it provides more information about each mission.
  • The tool is used to repair the MediaTek Android devices.
  • It allows you to flash scatter-based firmware onto an Android computer that is MTK-based.
  • It also helps you update or downgrade your computer’s firmware in a matter of seconds with just a few clicks.
  • It helps you to flash a custom recovery to your MTK-based computer.
  • Add the scatter file to the SP flash tool, then search for and flash the recovery.img file.
  • It provides access to users to read and write the parameter on their devices. Customers can, for example, read and write user data for a one-time programming area.
  • It just takes a small number of resources.

·     Some requirements are needed to complete the entire process. SP MDT Tool is a format tool for android devices. The users do format the phone for the device’s cleanup purpose. It allows customers to examine and verify the random access memory (RAM) and the NAND Flash on the device. It doesn’t need any extra hardware for the functioning, and it supports both operating systems, MS Windows and Linux.

        SP MTD Tool Download

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